The heart and the treatment to its problems

The heart

Heart is regarded as the most important organ present in the human body. It is the central part of the cardio-vascular system which also involves the function of the circulation as well. This circulation very much important part of the body as the circulatory system circulates the blood all throughout the body which is very much necessary as the blood contain n number of factors that are essential for the daily functioning ng of the body. The blood has a number important bio molecules as well. They carry the ATP and other coenzymes and the cofactor that are very much important for the different metabolic activities of the body. And the most important thing that the blood carries is the oxygen which carried the hemoglobin portion of the blood without which human body can’t move a bit. The heart along with all the associative parts help in the circulation of this blood all throughout the body. 

Thus the heart is mainly the pumping organ of the body with which they are able to pump the blood so that it reach the corners of the body. And this pumping is very much evident from the sound of the heart called as the ‘lubb’ and the ‘dub’. Along with all the properties the problems are also very much common for the heart.

The properties of the Valve

The valve is a thing present in the human system, which helps in the transfer of the blood but however in one direction mainly. Thus it conveys a one way journey from either to and fro from the heart and the body. They are very much important as they carry one of the most important thing that is the blood. The blood is also carries by the arteries and the veins and the capillaries the other associates ways to carry the blood to the heart or from the heart. The valve that carries the blood from the heart to the body contains the oxygenated and fresh blood containing all the necessary biomolecules and minerals in it. And the blood that is carries from the internal body space to the heart is spent blood that collect all the toxin like materials or the wastes of the body and also the carbon dioxide generated in the body from different reaction going in it. Those blood are carries to the heart for the sole purpose of purifying and also for recycling again after infusing it with a lot of biomolecules and the minerals that id needed for the body.

The Valve problem

Valve gets affected with a mainly one prominent reason that is when it has an obstruction in the flow. And this obstruction may be caused by the deposition of different elements most likely the cholesterol molecules and it is the most important reason for the cardiac arrest among the human beings.

The treatment

 The treatment of the valve is done mainly by the surgery and the surgery is very much tough to follow as it includes a lot of other risk factors as well. 


Valve treatment cost in India is very much as it is very risky as well as a process that needs modern equipment and also the expert to follow it up.

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