Enter the food coma of your own accord with options

Buffet spread is the special kind of eating experience which provides its patrons with an array of foods that’ll take you on a culinary tour of the world. The indulgence could spread from the Asian continent to the Mediterranean adventure of the palate, and here we are providing a bit of information to make your choice better and food experience fulfilling with the best buffets in Gurgaon. For those whom buffet is not a treat they yet are ready for we follow the list ending with the best Italian restaurants in Delhi
Asia 7
Asia Seven is a standout amongst the best buffets in Gurgaon. Asia 7 acquired its name in the context that they serve dishes from the seven most unmistakable culinary destination in Asia, i.e. China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. The buffet provides the best of everything.

Punjab Grill

This North Indian restaurant will submerge you in the rich palate of Punjab. It dishes up specialties from Punjab utilizing four unmistakable styles of cooking that is tandoor, tawa, sigri and kadhai, giving you these options in a different grill menu with an intriguing non-vegetarian and also vegetarian assortments. The roasted enjoyments are best and come sizzling to the table.

Seasonal Taste

The buffet menu here is known for its sheer assortment, involving an extensive variety of plates of mixed greens, soups, western and Indian mains. The buffet at Seasonal Tastes incorporates a fabulous toll of dishes arranged to humour you in a lavish spread. You can likewise benefit one that incorporates champagne and other premium spirits in the deal making it one of the best buffets in Gurgaon.

Now, we come to the best Italian restaurants in Delhi.


Sorrento is a renowned Italian restaurant at Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel which is notable for its new and authentic dishes including high-quality pasta, Neapolitan rarities, pizzas and slow cooked family-style strengths. Sorrento offers extravagant indoor seating, they also have a lovely wine library and an impressive wine list. The Italian-motivated drink menu includes insightfully carefully assembled mixed drinks and the Signature Barrel Aged Negroni.

Caffé Tonino

Caffé Tonino guarantees a cosy and relaxed atmosphere that offers something other than what’s expected to nearby and remote supporters and guarantees you appreciate a remarkable dining experience without fail. They have low-fat and sans calorie-free alternatives also and you simply need to ask your server. Truth be told, their servers are very educated and knowledgeable with the menu, so they’ll have the capacity to prescribe dishes to you as per your inclinations. 

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