How Can You Boost Your Fertility in Women?

Since the last two decades, it is observed that more than 10% ofwomen have infertility. Apart from medical issues, modern lifestyle is also responsible for infertility. Unhealthy food habits, smoking, alcoholism,anddrug abuse may also lead to infertility. One in every six female fails to conceive,and this is an alarming situation for others. Let’s discuss everyaspect in details and know How Can You Boost Your Fertility in women and get the honor of being a mother.
What Is Infertility?

Infertility is the condition of your reproductive system that fails to conceive the children. In other words, we can say women get pregnantbut unable to stay pregnant. Women with all such conditions have infertility.
What are the causes of Infertility?

On medical grounds, we have mentioned a few factors responsible for infertility.
  • ·         Ovulatory Failure
  • ·         Tubal Damage
  • ·         Endometriosis
  • ·         Male Problems
  • ·         Unexplained Factors

How can you improve your Fertility in women?

Infertility is a serious issue that breaks you from inside. You tried for several months for conceiving but find zero results at the end. Below we have mentioned some effective ways that help to improve your fertility resultant you may bless with the baby.
Quit Alcohol and Smoking:

Drinking alcohol above the prescribed guidelines is always harmful to both your fertility and overall health. Same like alcohol smoking weaken your reproductive system. The same applies to your male partner if he smokesunknowingly he impairs his fertility which can result in less sperm count or low-qualitysperm.
Do not do over Exercise:
You should do regular exercise that keeps you stay active and fit but, over exercise is harmful to your body. It can adversely affect your fertility.
Have a Healthy Diet:
The food we eat helps to improve the quality of our blood, cells, and repair the reproductive system. A balanced diet helps to balance our hormones, energies our body and beneficial for overall health. Do not do overeating, eat in parts and properly chew your food. Your diet should include zinc, iron, vitamin C, vitamin D, and protein.

Have regular sex with your Partner:

It seems bizarre, but it is a fact that regular sex improves your fertility. It is good for both the partners. Regular sex can improve sperm quality which is good for successful conceiving. Healthy sperm can fertilize eggs effectively. It also helps to improve the relationship between partners.

Maintain your weight:

Overweight or underweight both physical conditions are not good for pregnancy. It can lead to hormonal imbalance and disturb your monthly cycle or sometimes stop it completely. Hence it is mandatory that you should go for light exercise and have a balanced diet to maintain your weight.

Live a stress-free life:

Stress causes many health disorder; infertility in women is among them. Taking stress in your job or work for long hours can reduce your chances of being pregnant. More than 30 percent of women fail to conceive or stay pregnant due to stress, anxiety, and depression.
Bless with a child is a wish of every couple. Besides medical advise use given tips to improve your fertility.

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