Is Link Building A Powerful Way To Make The Online Presence Effective?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a deep sea; for novice SEO geek it would be difficult to identify the Google algorithm, plan out strategy accordingly, get the result in relatively short span of time, and make these all work smartly. Thus, SEO Sydney had planned a verbal session to all SEO nerds, non-tech people, and business owners who wanted to know about magical ways to deal with Google competition.

Luckily, I’ve made a short & sweet note while attending the session to share with all the people who wants to speed up in the Google ranking race. Umm! So what would you like to know today? Well, there were many topics that had grabbed my attention but the most important one is LINK BUILDING STRATEGIES. Yeah, people call it “dead” and “useless” for years. But I’ll share A to Z in this blog in a concise way of course!

Link Building In SEO:
Link building is a simple process to get other websites to link with your website. This is one of the most important tactic in SEO for the quality work. That is the reason websites having more backlinks earn high rankings with compare to other strategies. To get the referral traffic, link building is the most important way. We know Google characteristics very well. Aren’t we?

Google usually change the algorithms and it will affect the SEO strategies. Why does link building is so important in SEO? It is because links notify or signify Google that the website is a quality resource. Thus, sites with backlinks can earn good rankings. Though, link building is of course not a piece of cake but there are many techniques that you can consider while planning the success strategy.

Here are some!
1) Backlinks can be your strong point
2) Try to maintain strong relationship
3) Have you tried testimonial?
4) Keep up with quality blogging
5) Good, attractive, SEO-friendly guest blogs can be a key

If you search on Google or any other search engine about “free blog publish”, you may end up with an endless options. But, before you start writing or posting articles anywhere, you should make sure few things.

Whether the blog is familiar with the topic or not.
In any case, don’t compromise on the blog quality. It should be professional, attractive, well-written, easily grasped.
Remember, poorly written content can showcase a bad impression.

What about backlink? Is it effective in SEO?
Whenever you read or hear the work “backlink”, it simply mean a reference from different web pages to your website. Don’t hold any misconception because it is different than outbound or outgoing link with the page. Sometimes, it can be called an inbound links for Google and any other search engine platform.

Let’s end it here! 
You might have many questions after reading this article. There are many more information in your way about SEO tactics through SEO Sydney digest. Be ready with more guide!

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