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Why does India’ s Overall Education System Rank Below Par

Why does India’ s Overall Education System Rank Below Par

The structure of the Indian education system is one of the most difficult conundrums for the educationists. India is steering hard to ossify its schools and colleges across the country like the west. Now the question remains whether the new generation of the second-largest democratic of the world will get a world-class education or the current education system will remain the same?

The current scenario is simmering: Can Indian Universities bounce back?

I have gathered some vital information from the news website known as Business Standard. According to the sources, it’s been the first time in 8 years for India where none of its universities has featured in the top 300 World University Rankings 2020 list by Times Higher Education (THE). India had been the fifth most-represented nation.

The ranking of the country’s best-represented university, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore, slumped from the 251-300 cohort last year to the 301-350 bracket this time due to significant fall in its citation impact. Overall, seven Indian universities ranked low this year.

Reports by THE unveils that Indian institutions perform poor in comparison to the International arena of universities. The finest Indian institutions are known for its strong scores for teaching environment and industry income.

There were 1,300 universities from 92 nations under the listings of THE’s World University Rankings 2020.

India’s Higher Education: structurally flawed and underfunded

  • quality Dearth
  • Lack of innovation
  • Affordability is still missing
  • Lower emphasis on ethics

Overhaul in the Indian education system for schools: Serious Matter to Discuss

Conceptual Learning should Replace Rote Learning

Majority of the schools in the country still follow the rote learning techniques. But, switching to conceptual learning techniques is the apposite way to enhance the learning capabilities of the students. Well, have you heard about IB schools? These are premium schools which are changing the techniques the way students learn.

Furthermore, these schools are limited in numbers in India and are costlier.

Therefore, it’s not a piece of cake for everyone to enrol their children in IB schools. But, the government must put their thinking caps on for this matter to spur and implement conceptual learning in schools of all levels. It may take some time, but there should be the eradication of rote learning at any cost.  Conceptual learning will bring the niche out of the children.

The Grading System need Changes

Our education system still emphasises on the number of words rather than quality answers. But, unfortunately, marks plays a pivotal role in deciding the fate of the children. Therefore it is turning out to be callous for many students to score top-notch scores in exams.

Moreover, the evaluation criteria for students must change. Teachers should emphasise on the evaluation of classroom participation, projects, communication and leadership skills and extra-curricular activities, etc rather than focusing on the three hours paper and pen exam.

Polishing the educators

A good teacher like a candle- it consumes itself to light the path for others. Therefore, they should be exclusively trained. After all, they are responsible for shaping up tomorrow’s future stars. In my opinion, teachers should be trained in such a manner, so that they can behave with students as if they are their parents away from home.

The atmosphere in the classroom should be cosy and pleasant. The teachers should present themselves in such a manner that the love and empathy of the students should reflect on their eyes.

There are many schools in India where teachers are not up the mark. Therefore the government should act on this matter by leaps and bounds.

Personalised Education for all                     

Every student is unique. Their learning capacity is different from one another, therefore the teaching cannot be the same for everyone in a classroom of 25, or maybe more. Our education system must revamp their method of teaching for different students by adapting personalised learning. Teachers should address every student personally and keep a track on their learning. 

On the other hand, it may not be physically possible for every school to do that but they can implement technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Chabot who can teach and address students seamlessly.

Equal Focus on Subjects

Most of the time, our education system values only the students of the science stream. In India, it is estimated that lakhs of engineers are unemployed. At an early age, many students are driven by their parents to pursue science as if other streams such as arts and commerce carries no value.

The mind-set of the Indian education system including the parents must change for good. Each subject in schools should be equally given importance and allow the students to choose their streams wisely. There is a saying- the time is a valuable thing, each and every second count, therefore the education system cannot fiddle with the future of any eager beaver.

Imparting technological knowledge to the fullest

I have personally witnessed that many of our government and some private schools don’t give importance to technology. Technology is being used to develop other areas such as IT, Industries, and many more but education cannot be kept apart from because we are witnessing the renaissance of the technology.

Educators should impart knowledge of technology on students right from an early age. They must embrace technology and education with an open heart so that later on students don’t have to suffer because their future lies on the technology advancement.

Teachers must emphasise more on the Purpose of Education

From the time of colonial educators, the Indian education system still teaches its students one thing – becoming rich is the ultimate achievement. But, that’s a wrong concept at any level. In my opinion, educators should teach more about being a  better human being first and then rich.

Teachers should impart knowledge about life morals, humanistic values and make students aware that there is life beyond money as well and success is not measured by the car we drive or the dress we wear.

I believe that the Indian education system has the potential to become the best education system in the world only if the government these points into serious consideration.

What does the future hold?

I have discussed the problems in the Indian educations system, whether it be at the school level or higher education. The blog is written with reference from web sites such as India Today. The Indian government need to act firmly towards the welfare of the education system. Ignorance, especially higher education’s role in innovation and human capital can affect macroeconomic indicators such as labour productivity of the country.

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Incredible benefits of Study abroad

When it comes to studying abroad we always keep one thing in mind, and that is fun. Of course there is so much fun in studying abroad. But there are other benefits as well that we all thrive to know about. A new land new culture, in fact everything would be new because it would be first time for everyone at the first place to go out there and enjoy the beauty of the country and the environment as well. Besides studies is so much fun when you start to understand more about the country and the universities. You are also going to make a lot of international friends at the university.

Study abroad can be a little expensive if you don’t prepare yourself well. Before going to any country make sure you know enough about the country to live in. look for stay, safety and eating at the same time. And if you are having doubt learning about that particular country you are interested in, you can always look for an expert nearby to help you guide with everything you need to know. Here are few reasons to study abroad.

Exploring– No matter what course you are into or what college and university you got into, you will always have this hunger to explore the city nearby you. In fact you will be more interested to know about their culture and food, how do they eat and earn their daily bread etc. in the beginning month of your study abroad you will more over take a great adventure of the country rather than going to the university. How do I know this? Yes off course I know because I have studies in France for almost 5 years and I love everything about that city, its food and people etc. during the first two months of my study abroad I really did explore more of the city of Paris than going to the university.

Improving your language skills– if you are that kind of a guy who loves to learn new languages here is your chance to get the most out of it, because you will never get this opportunity to speak and learn like a local do. This not only will help you become fluent in their language, but most importantly you are going have good relationship with them. And who knows if you are lucky you might get a free drink, sounds exciting already.

Open to career opportunities– when you go to a new country you obviously expect that country to be more beneficial than your country. That’s why you have chosen the right country for study abroad. And in the mean time you will have the benefits to open your mind and learn about so many other career opportunities that you never really heard about it before. So many new jobs are available for you right after you finish your course.