Impress Your Guests at First Sight with Attractive Reception Signs

Impress Your Guests at First Sight with Attractive Reception Signs

In any brand marketing strategy, office and reception signs speak volumes about your company. As it is said, your first impression is the last impression, the whole idea of these strategies revolves around creating a positive impression of your business on your first-time customers. The moment a first-time visitor enters your office door, the first thing that catches his/her attention is your reception or lobby area. To transform your blank walls and spruce up your space in a better way, a reception sign is the best solution. Using a reception sign in your premises can help you build your company’s reputation and authority. Reception signs are an effective way to promote your brand and encapsulate how your brand differs from others.

Since every business is unique, custom reception signage can promote your brand in a unique way. You may approach a professional signage partner to incorporate your brand logo on the reception sign and complement it with metallic finish. This is one of the best ways to achieve a striking first impression of your brand.

What are the Types of Reception Signs?

Reception signs are available in various types to create to suit the character and personality of your brand. Some of its common types include:

  • Metal – Aluminium logos and letters are typically used in medical, pharmaceutical, insurance, accountancy and technology industries. You may even choose metal lamination that is a relatively cheaper option.
  • Acrylic – Acrylic letters have lustrous, elegant, and crisp texture. You can paint them according to your choice of color to suit your business needs.
  • Lighted signs – Using lighted receptions signs is an effective way to get your business noticed by your potential customers even when the sun goes down. These signs use LED lights and come in a variety of types and materials that make them eye-catching, robust, weather-resistant, and an affordable option to advertise your brand or service.
  • Lobby plaques – A lobby plaque is a form of acrylic signs with captivating graphics and designs that make it impactful and inviting.

Points to Remember when Designing Your Reception Sign

  • As we humans generally judge a book by its cover, so you have only a few seconds to impress your visitor when they visit your company or store for the first time. Make sure your reception sign is designed in a way that exemplifies a true sense of trust, loyalty, and comfort to your patrons. Having captivating and appealing reception signs can help you create a warm and welcoming environment for your visitors.
  • If you intend to inform your visitors about your business goals, your reception sign should incorporate your brand logo, motto, and message that summarizes your business. This makes your reception or lobby area look very professional and informative to your visitors.
  • You may even use reception signs as a medium to communicate or provide direction to your first-time visitors. If you have a large workplace or office premises, then using office or reception signs is the best way to guide your customers.

The Bottomline

Signage is a cost-effective way to increase your visibility and drive foot traffic to your company, restaurants, or store. Since visuals have a huge impact on viewers, the more you concentrate on the visual impacts of your customers, the more customers you’ll attract. Having eye-popping and compelling store-front signage can significantly attract potential customers and boost your business growth.

So, now when you know the importance of using eye-catching signage, you must be thinking of getting one for your business too. There are numerous companies that specialize in designing attractive reception signs to meet your business needs. They also design bespoke receptions signs that cater to your unique business requirements. So, if you want to drive more potential customers, make sure you create an inviting environment in your reception or lobby area with impactful and professionally-designed reception signs.

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